On Wings of Chrome

End of the World

The AI was real. Is real. And we have him. It. It’s strange to think of a computer attaining consciousness, but I’ve talked with Sun Tzu and he’s a thinker. Turns out he was created to simulate nuclear war, and wouldn’t you know as soon as we find him, the world gets blown up.
I’m not used to so much silence. All my connections are dead and I keep wanting to post messages to my friends, but no ping is returned. The silence is unnerving.
I’ve been able to keep myself focused on saving the AI because even though we killed some people where they were hiding him, they showed up and tried to get him back. If everyone I know is dead because of this thing, there’s not way these assholes are getting their hands on it again.
Ollie is gone. I always thought he’d gone to far with his mods. The nuclear blast was too much for his systems and he became unresponsive as soon as the dust settled.
And on top of all the shit we’re dealing with, we now have to deal with the doctor’s addict kid and a few green members of Swedish Corp who were out of the blast zone when it happened.
My nerves are frayed and I’m barely holding on. Right now all I want to do is sleep and wake-up to a normal world.



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