On Wings of Chrome

Holed up in Index

So we finally figured out who was trying to kill us and why. And to be honest, I can’t really blame them for being freaked out about us knowing what we might have known cause it’s huge. True AI is kinda dumbfounding, but we might have a small piece of it right in front of us. And basically we’re doing what they were afraid we would do if we found out what they thought we knew. Or something.

So now we’re stuck in some cabin in the middle of nowhere in a place called Index. They have decent wireless reception, so it’s not like I’m without a connection to the real world, but really, trees aren’t my thing.
Two of the guys have gone off to do some kind of scouting thing. I don’t really feel like leaving my room here. It’s not like I won’t pull my share, but if they need me to search for something they can come find me.
All I know is, we have money, and I want to get to a mall and get some upgrades I’ve had on my mind for a while.



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