On Wings of Chrome

The Doctors Rant

Why is world so hard?

“Why is world so hard? I grow up in old country and become doctor. Invent new drugs to cure disease. Learn how to stitch wounds, freeze bodies, and counteract chemical alterations in a moments notice. But does world care? No! World has it out for Petro! First, bus go Boom! Then we fake death. NOW WE KNEE DEEP IN NUCLEAR SHIT HOLE! I came to America to get away from Nuclear shit hole! Well… okay, I really came to America because money was better, but still, Nuclear shit hole. Now we discover AI, world is kaboom, and we have no televisions packages. My worthless, good for nothing, boy hunting daughter is most assuredly dead, I have no job, only money we stole, and am running out of pain killers. So I live on. Now what? Now. Now I kill people who did this. Greed. Greed is what did this. Greed killed my wife, my job, and now my daughter, now I kill greed.
I am the doctor, and I know where it hurts.”

-Doctor Petro Yazvenko



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