Doctor Petro Sergeievich Yazvenko

Grumpy Russian Doctor of the Medical Crew.


Middle Aged, Grumpy, Vocal about his grumpiness, straight forward and intelligent. Petro doesn’t care to use painkillers on himself as he believes that pain is part of life and life is suffering, but is the first to recommend that others stoke up when in pain, because they are all pansies. He is very Russian and speaks in a heavy accent, though he knows English very well, he sometimes slips into broken English to get his point across or to piss his comrades off. He has seen so much blood and damaged flesh that none of it phases him anymore, he even finds much amusement in the suffering of others but is quick to heal those who are in critical conditions, as Petro truly knows the limits of the human body, having lost his arm due to treating a comrade before himself and losing it to gangreen. He encourages others to laugh in the face of adversity and to be quiet; he hates talking. He speaks to Natalia more than to others, though always arguing with her, because he cares about her.


Dr. Petro Sergeievich Yazvenko was born in Soviet Russia to a fairly well off family. He immigrated to the United States when he was 18 in order to attend medical school at Johns Hopkinds University in order to bring new drugs and compounds back to his country where sickness was rife. His parents, if they are still alive, were both doctors in the U.S.S.R. He met his wife Tanya in Medical school in America, and married her during his 6th year in the American University. After graduating from school, he chose to stay with Tanya in America and due to his high grades and success in school, earned a job at a large pharmaceuticals research corporation, The University of Washington Medical Research Laboratory. He worked up the ranks and eventually earned a promotion to Head of the Research department. During his success, his wife Tanya gave birth to their daughter Natalia, and Petro could not rejoice more for his success in the new world. Due to his incredible skill in the design and manufacturing of synthetic drugs, Doctor Yazvenko caught the eye of one of the companies higher ups and was asked to begin working on a secret project. The project was to create an antidote to a new biological weapon that the University was developing for sale on the open weapons market. But it was Petro’’s breakthrough antidote which could be administered through an airborn powder, that would cause the infectious virus to leave the host entirely after death leaving no trace. When the higher ups discovered Petro had inadvertently made a better, more silent killing machine they immediately took to testing the weapon in their laboratories, unbeknownst to Petro. They would kidnap nomadic natives in groups and inject them with the weapon, or pump a room full of the weapon and then pump the antidote into the room. The weapon was too successful. The University began selling the weapon on the black market. Unknown to the University though, was that Petro had stumbled upon a memo about the patients in one of the log books when looking for a way to decrease the possibility of mutation by the virus. He began to investigate, and what he found horrified him. He was disgraced that something he had created to cure, had been turned into a lethal weapon, and he went to his hire ups, demanding that they end their actions or he would take the information to the News Reporters. The company wouldn’t budge, they knew he was too invaluable to get rid of, but he was a threat. So they decided to teach Petro about the New World and ordered his wife assassinated with the same weapon Petro had been a part of developing. They left a note in Doctor Yazvenko’s inbox that would self delete itself after being opened. “Stay silent, or your daughter is next.” Petro rushed home after receiving the letter but would arrive home to find his wife dead and his 3 year old daughter alone in her room, frightened to death. Petro resigned the next day, promising to keep silent. He then went to work at Swedish Medical Corp. as a surgeon and physician as an ambulance operator. He was a doting father but his late night shifts often kept him from giving Natalia enough attention, eventually distancing the both of them. He grew bitter every day knowing he had been the cause of his wife’s death. Expenses became a problem and he sold his 2 bedroom home in Ravenna and moved both of them into an apartment in Belletown. As he had to borrow money to make the move and rent began to skyrocket, Petro began creating new synthetic mind altering street drugs to earn some extra cash. Eventually using his new hobby to put Natalia through art school, where she would further distance herself from her father. And so, grumpy, run down, and depressed Petro Sergeivich Yazvenko became known as the Doctor of the Redeyes, a late night ambulence team known for their prosthetic eyes with red glowing crosses, and in the underworld as “The Russian Synth” a dealer of safe, self manufactured narcotics.

Doctor Petro Sergeievich Yazvenko

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