Margarite (Marge) Vida

A Netrunner with some tunnel vision.



General Description:
29 y.o., 5’10", 170lbs, olive complexion, her hair changes color randomly. Currently holed up with coworkers trying not to die.

ATTR: 6, BOD: 8 (Strong), CL: 7, EMP: 10/7, INT: 10, LUCK: 8, MA: 5, REF: 6, TECH: 10

Cyberware: Neuralware, Cybermodem link, Cyberlimp arm (4) 1-deck, Chemical Analyzer, Nasal Filter, Life Monitor/GPS, Kirochi MonoVison (6) 1 teleoptics- 1 infared- 2 microvision- 2 empty, Cyberaudo (6) 1 amplified hearing- 1 bug detector- 4 empty, Tech hair, Adrenal booster, Extra memory (3) 1MU each

Gear: Encrypted file (54)

Skill: Interface(18), Awareness(14), Education(13), Cybertech(14), Programming(15), Basic Tech(12), System Knowledge(15), Cyberdeck design(15), Electronics(13), First Aid(14), Diagnosis(15), Area Knowledge(16), Know Language-Mandarine(16), Chemistry(14), Aikido(9), Streetwise(10)


Marge never really fit in with her family. Her mother’s roots go back to Brazil, but her family had been here for quite a few generations so there aren’t real ties back to Brazil. Her father was an orphan and was very happy with joining this large family. One of 5 kids (1 older sister, 1 older brother, 1 twin brother, 1 younger sister), she doesn’t get along with any of them but her younger sister looks up to her and Marge likes to take advantage of that adoration.
She was sent to live with an aunt (Sophia) when she was 14 because she had already started running around the streets and getting in fights with her siblings. Sophia tried to focus Marge’s rebellion by introducing her to programming and started her on the netrunner path. Of course, as soon as Marge learned about all the ways you could change yourself and create the ideal world away from stupid and annoying people, the more fraught her relationship with her family became.
At 18 the guy she was dating got into Aikido so she tagged along to classes. The relationship didn’t last long, but she respected the power her teacher exhibited and became a regular student. She doesn’t go to matches much anymore, but she tries to keep her skills active by sparring once a week.
(The following is the life events rolls. I’m working on creating a narrative for the events.)
19- Was cheated on by boyfriend, different than the one above.
20- Had a break with a long time friend and they would backstab each other when possible.
21- Made a friend on the police force (+2 streetwise)
22- Broke up with a guy, became friends.
23- A supervisor fired her from a job and tried to give her a bad reputation.
26- Dated a fellow netrunner, broke up and now they try to one-up each other.
27- Has a good female work friend.
28- Her cyber addiction is starting to become a problem (when the 10,000 loan was taken)
29- Made friends with one of the area nomad kids, they help her out every now and then.

Margarite (Marge) Vida

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