Natalia "Talia" Yazvenko

Doctor's wayward artist daughter


Talia is 22, with a bad attitude about just about everything except wire. She has the worst bad attitude about her father, lack of electricity, and hotel lobby art. She is tall and slender, her cheeks and eyes sunken from a few years of heavy wire usage. Her naturally blond hair has been lasered off the sides of her head, so that she has easy access to the chipware sockets behind her ears and the wirehead jack on her left temple. The rest of it falls back in a messy wave, and has been dyed pink for the moment.


The first six years of Talia’s life were perfect- she was the daughter of two loving parents and grew up in a lovely home in Ravenna. She was once fluent in Russian, had a budding passion for science, and wanted to be just like her daddy when she grew up. However, being shoved into a bedroom by a group of men in black masks, locked in there for an hour and then released suddenly to find the men gone and her mother dead put a stop to that. Instead of blocking out that day, it is etched into Talia’s memory- as is the unsettling suspicion that the death was her father’s fault.
Then what was left of the family moved into Belltown, and Talia hardened. Gone was any budding interest in science, except for things that were destructive. She started sneaking out and just wandering around the city, riding busses, talking to strangers, getting involved with the wrong people, anything to avoid having to come home and see her dad. Taking things apart was her other passion- not fixing them, really, but dismantling them. She managed to scrape through highschool and get into the art program at UW, spending most of her time in the metal shop. It was there that she met Rick, her boyfriend, who got her hooked on wire and installing cyberware. They did everything together, including dropping out of college and moving into an abandoned warehouse down by the stadiums, spending most of their time stealing salvage and reselling it.

Natalia "Talia" Yazvenko

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