Ambulance 3

On Wings of Chrome

This campaign follows the days and lives of one of Seattle’s crack AV-4 trauma teams, the Dead Eyes. Our team is based out of the Swedish Medical Corporation Building on Cherry and Minor. They respond to all manor of medical emergencies, prioritized at the discretion of Swedish Medical, response pending appropriate credit checks and down payment.

Act 1: On Wings of Chrome

Our less than noble ambulance crew get’s caught up in an assassination attempt who’s crosshairs quickly sight on them. As they try and save their own skins, they’ll see just how high this damn thing goes. And who the hell is Sun Tzu?!

Act 2: On Winds of Ash

Well, that’s it for the world as we know it. They always said “God doesn’t play dice”, but man certainly did, and he’s right unlucky. But we’re still alive, and planning on staying that way. Some new faces and a whole world of new chalenges. Anybody know how to farm? Anyone? Bueller?

On Wings of Chrome

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